Crop Insurance - Connealy InsuranceCrop insurance is essential to our rural economy and in helping to preserve our farmer’s production capacity. At Connealy Insurance we help our producers design affordable risk management plans by assessing risks and helping mitigates those risks. Each of our producers also meet the standards of “good farming practices” which enables them to be eligible for payments when incurring losses. There are two main types of crop insurance available to our farmers: Multiple Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) and Crop-Hail.

Multiple Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI)

MPCI policies must be purchased prior to planting and cover loss of crop yields from all types of natural causes including drought, excessive moisture, freeze, and disease. Newer coverage options combine yield protection and price protection to guard farmers against potential loss in revenue, whether due to low yields or changes in market price.


Crop-Hail policies are not part of the Federal Crop Insurance Program. Many farmers purchase Crop-Hail coverage because hail has the unique ability to totally destroy a significant part of a planted field while leaving the rest undamaged. In areas of the country where hail is a frequent event, farmers often purchase a Crop-Hail policy to protect high-yielding crops. Unlike MPCI, a Crop-Hail policy can be purchased at any time during the growing season.

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